Silivrenniel, Queen of the Shadow Elves

A queen with higher aspirations


Silivrenniel is the undisputed queen of the Shadow Elves and has the ability to link all of her subjects to one another in a way that keeps her ‘familly’ connected. Silivrenniel oversees the administration of her people and her world from Mournscape deep in the the Bitterwood forest.

To seek an audience with Queen Silivrenniel requires a certain amount of diplomacy, as well as the proper gifts that get her attention. The more important the gift, the more likely she is to listen to the requests, which is why when diplomats that seek out an audience with her, arrive with jewels, gold and other treasures. However, they must be truly dedicated as Mournscape is not an easy place to find.

Silivrenniel, Queen of the Shadow Elves

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