Sir Bellivin

A knight in the service of the Crusader


Sir Bellivin was first encountered by the heroes in the area of Moonwreck, stating he had been present when the disaster had struck the castle of Princess Argenta. He was wasble to help the heroes fend off an attack from ruthless derro as well as the grotesque redcaps that had laid waste to the area.

Unlike many of the knights in the Dragon Empire, Sir Bellivin does not seem to come from noble roots, having earned his title through working for the Crusader against the schemes of the Diabolist.

Sir Bellivin seems to have a strong dislike of the Longclef Trading Company due to their shoddy goods. Upon meeting Glaedwin Longclef, Sir Bellivin had strong words, misunderstanding that Glaedwin had nothing to do with them and, in fact, had an equal amount of angst towards the organization.

Sir Bellivin

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