Suriveth Varune

On a quest to entertain the realm with tales of her adventures


Icon Relationships

Prince of Shadows: 2 positive
Elf Queen: 1 conflicted

One unique thing: Avatar of the Sacred Tree destined to be Queen of Leaves.


Suriveth Varune was born in Mournscape, a place that only a few know how to find. Mournscape is home to the mysterious Shadow Elves.

Suri, as her friends call her, is something of a changeling in the Shadow elf world, taking after her human father, Victor SIlverarch, with porcelain skin and wild midnight hair. Orphaned a a young age, Suri was raised by her maternal grandfather, Suriv Varune. Suriv is a well respected Shadow elf whose family was is one of the Three Houses, the personal advisers to the Shadow Queen.

Suri’s childhood was idyllic in Shadow elf terms. She was the sheltered, precious reminder of Suriv’s lost beloved daughter. When Suri took an interest in music, Suriv indulged her with lessons and exposure to a variety of instruments and music.

Upon coming of age, as a family member of one of the Three Houses, Suri was required to take the Shadow Quest in order to discover the world outside of Mournscape in order to prepare themselves to be better advisers when the time comes. In prepertion for her Shadow Quest, Suri made contact with her father’s older brother, Lord Barnaby Silverarch. Lord Silverarch maintains a residence in Dragonmeet. Lord Silverarch is a powerful noble with a penchant for Shadow elven culture. He was thrilled to have Suri visit and assist in any way possible.

Suriveth Varune

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