Una Helta

The Winter Witch


The mysterious Winter Witch makes her home in the frozen wastes of the land northwest of Ironwall, in a palace known as Everwinter. The area in her lands is kept in subfreezing temperatures and dangerous predators roam the countryside through the ice and snow.

Legends speaks of Una’s extreme power and her vengeful nature, her heart as cold as her surrounding lands. Other legends speak of how she can be merciful at times, showing compassion at the strangest times, delivering gifts to those who have pleased her.

Few dare approach her home for fear of angering her but still there are those who are extremely brave or extremely stupid who risk her ire. Some of these brave souls wish to plunder her lands for the many treasures rumored to be buried there or held in Ice Hold. Such treasure seekers would be wise to be cautious as the retribution of Una Helta has been felt by many, often every winter.

Una Helta

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