Tag: Archmage


  • Javast

    Little is known of Javast other than his role in service to the [[Archmage]] in the city of [[Cloud]]. He has sought out [[:saerid-turquoise | Saerid Turquoise]] to invite him to the city to discuss a matter of great importance.

  • Grayvon

    Grayvon is the Lord Mayor of [[Cloud]] and as a result, one of the trusted lieutenants of the [[Archmage]]. Aside from overseeing the powerful arcane energies that are required in ensuring that a floating city stays in the air, Grayvon is also ultimately …

  • Guulen

    Guulen presented himself at the [[Northern Colossus]] as he needed the gem taken from the dracolich, Greenvyle. Kind, but mysterious, his goal was to take a treasure from the [[Half-Shadows]] and take it to his master.