Tag: Lich King


  • Mezzilen

    Mezzilen, is a name uttered with great disgust in the city of [[Forge]]. A former arcane adviser to the [[Dwarf King]], Mezzilen had darkness enter his soul and swear his allegiance to the Lich King. In an attempt to destroy Forge and hand over the …

  • Greenvyle

    Greenvyle, a former green dragon who had attained lichdom due to the aid of the [[Lich King]] was defeated at the [[Northern Colossus]] and his eye given to [[:guulen | Guulen]], a servant of the [[Archmage]].

  • Wisp

    Wisp, one of the agents of the [[Lich King]] in the area of [[Refuge]], led an attack on members of the [[Half-Shadows]] adventuring company with a small army of undead creatures known as the [[Kort]]. During the altercation, she managed to wrest the [[ …

  • Lord Veldt

    Lord Malthus Veldt is the ranking commander in the Northern Wastes, executing the plans of the [[Lich King]]. Only seen by one member of the [[Half-Shadows]], it is unclear whether Lord Veldt is a vampire, someone from elven descent or both. He seems …