Currently the Alcarast is the the hands of Alcide Throckmotten.

Quirks: The Alcarast is strange. It does strange things.

History: The Alcarast is an artifact of unknown powers but is rumored to constantly evolve. It measures slightly larger than a human fist, so when transported it needs to be held entirely by one hand or placed in a sack and attached to a belt or something equally as functional. It is, on occasion, warm to the touch and then on other occasions cold to the touch, but never so extreme in either that it is harmful. Some get the sense that it radiates sentience as if intelligence or personality. But none have ever been able to communicate with it in any meaningful way.

The Alcarast is most commonly associated with the Diabolist as she has used it in previous encountered to unleash a variety of strange and terrible powers. But only she seems to understand exactly how it works and could be a stolen treasure from another plane or something forged in the depths of the Abyss.

Activating the orb is somewhat challenge, due to the powers it possesses. And since few people have ever been able to study it for any length of time, it is unclear how it is ‘turned on’ (or off). The powers of the item constantly change so. Some of the powers it has exhibited over the years include:

  • A horrible beam of black death energy
  • The ability to charm one’s foes
  • Instilling fear in one’s enemies
  • Petrification
  • Nullifying all arcane abilities nearby

It is possible that the Alcarast can exhibit further powers as the legend states it is constantly evolving.

Most recently, the Alcarast was stolen from the Diabolist, by the adventurer, Alcide Throckmotten. Contrary to the common belief that there is a curse that befalls anyone who steals from her is turned to stone, this did not happen to Aclide. He did, however, lose his left eye for his troubles.

No doubt, the many followers of the Diabolist would love to take it back and get into her good graces as a favored henchman so Alcide has chosen to not flash this powerful artifact around for many to see. Even those who are not followers of the Diabolist would love to take it from him if they knew he had it in order to study or sell it.



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