Armageddon Ark

Armageddon_Ark.jpgThe Armageddon Ark, a repository meant to hold relics best left out the hands of mortals. Supposedly it holds the severed hand – and possibly the eye – of the Lich King, among other items. Presently, the Lich King wears a hand replaced by a magical powerful magical construct. Finding the real hand would mean finding the magically preserved human hand of the former Wizard Emperor, Vecna, who became the Lich King. What would finding it mean? Would it be a means of reversing the Lich King’s evil? Would the Lich King secretly approve of that, or is it his greatest fear that his enemies might possess this relic? Is the hand “good” or “evil”? These are questions that scholars have pondered.

Needless to say, an item of this magnitude is quite a draw for the forces of evil such as the Diabolist or The Three. At the same time the secrets would also be of great interest to the Archmage and the Priestess but for different reasons.

There are numerous items that are rumored to be in the Ark over the centuries. Below is a list of just a few of the rumored contents.

The Monaing Diamond
Scroll of Kakishon
Necklace of Lillith
Song of Extension
The Beholder Gem
Book of the Damned
Crystal of the Ebon Shard
The Wand of Orcus

Armageddon Ark

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