Black Lodge

Nobody knows the exact history of the Black Lodge or how they came into being. But despite their murky origins, they usually bill themselves as a group of concerned citizens of the Dragon Empire who wish to influence the noble houses for policy change. This is, in and of itself, not a problem since they are usually comprised of the nobles and the wealthy merchants already. The problem with the Black Lodge is how they have historically decided to achieve their goals – through political assassination and through secret acts of violence, including murder.

Typically membership is secretive but when accusations were at their height, they decided to take a degree of openness. They began to draft people to act as their spokesmen and defenders in the public and at court. This allowed individuals to defend their positions, answer questions that people had and generally come off as a softer representation. But this seemed to do little to persuade citizens that they were nothing but back room power mongers which was, quite likely, true.

Close to seventy five years ago, when Mirthys Lydon, patriarch of House Lydon refused to sign on to one of the Black Lodge’s positions, a great tragedy struck that would change the course of history. At the wedding of his daughter, Calinda Lydon, assassins were able to infiltrate House Lydon’s manor in Shaydenhall and slay several influential people attending the celebration, including Mirthys Lydon, himself. The backlash against the Black Lodge was incredible. Their public representative in Shaydenhall was seized by an angry mob and hanged while Lord Mayors, regents and other political figures began banning the Black Lodge and suppressing membership across the Dragon Empire. Thus they were no more. Or so people thought. In truth, the Black Lodge simply went underground and laid low for many years, continuing to pull strings from behind the scenes.

Recently, Duchess Lysandra of Dragonmeet reversed the decades long decision to ban the Black Lodge from Terros. Whereas the representative at her court, Florian Bowerholdt is a persuasive and intelligent man, he is elderly and mysterious. He has often made reference to someone named Quarrian Nil, as someone with whom he communicates. Florian is ever-present, but is well ostracized from those who do not wish him to be there, darkening their activities. Many wonder why the Duchess chose to reverse this ban.

Black Lodge

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