Boltstrike Pillar

Boltstrike Pillar is a tower in the Dire Wood that has traditionally been used by agents of the Archmage for their experiments on wildlife. Angered by this, the High Druid ordered her agents to seize the tower where they hold it as a way of trying to bring normalcy to the forest.


Whereas Boltstrike Pillar is the subject of some controversy, with the cold war between the Archmage and the High Druid, what lay beneath the monument was far more interesting. The first level, long forgotten by those on the surface, seemed to be opened only by the famed Alcarast and was an elaborate living quarters, presently in use by a mysterious figure named Khrissadi, a woman who had mastered evil arcane arts.

Beneath that level was a long forgotten prison, used by the Archmage to keep unpleasant figures and items out of the reach of mortals. One such prisoner, Coldrage (or ‘Koldrag’) an ogre magi, was released by an adventuring party due to his knowledge of the Shadow Prophecy, Book IV.

Boltstrike Pillar

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