Brute Squad

The Brute Squad was an organization that operated in and around Dragonmeet for a about a year before being shut down by the city watch. Former members included Glaedwin Longclef, Quiggley, and their leader, Fetch.

images.jpgMembers had a tattoo or embroidered logo of squared off knotwork. Whether this represented the interracial nature of the organization or stylized brass knuckles is debatable.

The Brute Squad was usually employed when the Watch had a job to do they they didn’t want to do, couldn’t do, or couldn’t be seen doing. While many considered it an open secret, the Watch claimed no connection to the Brute Squad or the special “taxi service” they provided to traders who dealt in…unusual…items.

It is unclear what events transpired to finally get the city watch to shut them down but Fetch has not seen since and Quiggley is not speaking about it.

Brute Squad

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