Burning Men

6-5-2014_6-38-57_PM.pngThe ‘Burning Men’ is the name given to the growing number of barbarians, murderers and thugs who are following the violent marauder-king, Elorg. This wave of psychopaths seemed to begin their warlike attacks in the Wild Wood and over the months has been growing in numbers and violence.

They seem fearless and bloodthirsty with Elorg culling the herd of anyone who seems weak and unwilling to commit to the savage acts of violence needed to put fear into the hearts of people. For this is the path Elorg has decided to forge. It is unknown why Elorg and his Burning Men have taken up this mantle of violence and some suspect Elorg is either in league with forces like Lich King or the Orc Lord.

Only now are the people of Dragonmeet. Glittergarden and Shadow Port starting to pay attention to the Burning Men, as refugees from the Wild Wood and nearby areas, showing up with stories of such inhuman depravity such as human sacrifice, demonic worship and burning children alive. But the cancer of evil that is spreading is soon going to be a problem that the western people will have to address. It will take the combined strength of several armies to put a stop to the Burning Men who seem to be growing in numbers daily. The fact that they have been seizing ships and using them for travel is equally disturbing, for if they manage to get enough ships, this will allow this army to move much more quickly and cover more ground.

One former member, an orc mercenary named L’Gresh, recently left the Burning Men, for a variety of reasons but could revolve around the fact that he had a change of heart over the senseless violence he saw happening.

Burning_Man.jpgIt has recently been discovered that many members of the Burning Men have sworn an oath to some unknown power. This pact has provided them the ability to manipulate and control fire, to some limited extent. The most dangerous aspect to this is upon their death, these elite members of the Burning Men can burst into flame, leveling one final attack before dying. They can be spotted by the arcane mark they sport on their forehead.

Agents of Elorg and the Burning Men seem to be spreading towards the west, at least covertly. One intercepted deployment was uncovered in Dragonmeet. The true motives of the group were somewhat murky but it is thought that under the direction of a half shadow elf alchemist named Marshalla, they were attempting to garner support for an uprising in Terros. Perhaps as a show of force they were going to give or trade alchemist fire produced by Marshalla.

Burning Men

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