Carnivale is a collection of thieves at best, assassins at worst, and truly, truly terrible in actuality, operating out of Shadow Port. They are an . . . experience that travels from Shadow Port to Dragonmeet then to Shaydenhall then to Anvil then Goldawn then to Glittergarden and then back to Shadow Port. They set up camp along the way and entertain the various villagers and farmers that come to meet them but the horrors they inflict upon a few select citizens are never worth the price.

Led by a master of ceremonies known as Arcanus, the true secrets of Carnivale may never be truly known and the stories could likely never equal the truth.

Whispers of what Carnivale does to their victims speak of the worst atrocities to the spirit and soul, converting their victims into mutated creatures and a macabre parody of their former selves, while their more mundane actions merely involve robbery and assassination.

Suriveth Varune and Dracovel Kilvesh spent a short amount of time with this sinister group before Suriveth realized the true extent of their depravity which could have included ritual sacrifice, cannibalism and blasphemous rites to long forgotten and insane gods. Once this terrible truth became evident to her, she managed to escape their clutches, taking Dracovel with her, with help from what she can only assume was the Prince of Shadows knowing he had a future purpose for her.

Carnivale has stayed below the detection of the Golden Order and the Order of the Burning Rose likely because they use powerful magic to disguise their intents and actions. But Carnivale is a true force of evil eating away like a disease of the soul within the area of Bitterwood. Their true intentions are unknown as to why they would chose to inflict such madness and destruction but thankfully their horrors are confined to a small number of victims and as such, so few are the wiser and for those who suspect, they dare not speak lest a visit to their homes to silence the critics.


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