Church of Primus

Church_of_Primus.jpgThe Church of Primus is the most widespread religion in the Dragon Empire taking root in the cities and urban populations, replacing the Old Gods as the religion of choice. The Church centers around the being Primus who is the allfather to all life. His followers and priesthood teaches compassion, forgiveness, love and helping those in need. The Priestess is the main representative of Primus and her teaching is law among the faithful.

Every major city in the Dragon Empire has numbers churches and shrines dedicated to Primus and the Priestess is seen as his representative among mortals. These churches not only act as places of worship but also educate commoners and heal the sick.

While it is generally held that the Church maintains a strict code of teaching, not to be deviated from, it is also true that the further one gets from the Priestess in her Great Cathedral in Santa Cora the further away the dogma has been interpreted from her teaching. There are stories of regional Church leadership zealously punishing the wicked or taking some of her teachings to the extreme but when discovered the Priestess sends agents to right these wrongs.

The evil opposite of Primus is Hella a being that stands for all things Primus is opposed to. In the middle of them both is Ohn a celestial being that is concerned with balance.

The Church of Primus holds that the Great Gold Wyrm is a sacred ally to their cause and see him akin to some kind of living saint. It was he who brought The Sacred Text of Primus to mortals and he has a special relationship with the Priestess as they confer on matters of faith, morality and the fate of mortals.

Church of Primus

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