Consort of Shadows

Consort_of_Shadows.jpgThe Consort is a secretive organization dedicated to using intrigue – and perhaps other means – of putting Silivrenniel on the throne over all the elves, making her the new Elf Queen. What the current Elf Queen does not know is whether the Consorts are willing to use violence and betrayal to do so. Hence, the Elf Queen treats the Consorts with suspicion and her loyal followers tend to provide cold receptions to not just the Consorts but all shadow elves until this matter is resolved.

Silivrenniel’s agents are spread throughout the Dragon Empire gathering intelligence and using their skills at skullduggery and subterfuge to the test. They are adapt at varied tasks but most seem skilled in shadowing, pick pocketing, eavesdropping and a variety of other tasks associated with spies and rogues. A select group is adept at diplomacy and rumors, allowing them to get into key positions and report back.

It is rumored that the Silivrenniel may have several allies close by in Dragonmeet. Count Wilhelm Valdemar is a trusted friend of the shadow elves, even reportedly hosting Consort members in his home. Lord Silverarch of [[House Silverarch] is well known for his predisposition with shadow elves, and Duchess Lysandra even has a shadow elf as her court wizard.

The current leader of the Consorts is Sorenniel, an individual with ruthless loyalty to his queen who will stop at nothing to see her installed as the queen of all elves.

Consort of Shadows

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