Cult of Araponda

The Cult of Araponda is the long forgotten faith of the Arapondists, a religious sect that believed in the invention, advancement, achievements, change and infinite nature of living, sentient things. In ages past, the goddess, Araponda would have held dominion over magic and sorcery as it was new and ever changing. However, has magic became more understood, this was no longer of interest to the goddess and she abandoned it. She then turned to the forge and the knowledge of the blacksmith. But then that became stagnant – something Araponda could not abide. Then for centuries she found one new calling after another, ushering in the change and novelty of new achievements.

Eventually, the goddess became too complex for many followers to understand or follow and they began turning away to Primus or Ohn or, worse yet, the barbaric gods of the demihumans of the Old Gods And slowly Araponda became forgotten. This was actually pleasing to her priesthood as they found this to be an excellent opportunity to shed themselves of nonbelievers and those who were unworthy of understanding. If the goddess was truly one of change and achievements, then the slow and rigid notions of uninspired followers would need to be washed away.

As time went on, this goddess of the infinity evolved, changed and embraced new concepts and ideas, making her the goddess of technology and truly the mother of invention. But still she kept her veil of secrecy. Her followers believe that all inspiration and advancements come from her divine grace. Whereas most people do not even recall her name, it is not a disappointment to her priesthood, but rather the way things must be.
For the High Priestess, there is a special place in her reliquary for Araponda and her teachings. The respect that the High Priestess holds for the Cult is unwavering as the High Priestess believes that the day of Araponda will soon return.

The Cult of Araponda does not sesk out new members as that would be against their faith – they wait for new members to come to them.

Cult of Araponda

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