Dark Elves


The Dark Elves, also known as the Drow, have a reputation for cruelty and depraved behavior, putting them at odds with all their surface dwelling cousins. Their goddess, Lloth, the Spider-Queen, brokers no failure.

But like all things, every dark elf is not a depraved miscreant bent on destruction of life. There are always exceptions to the rule, but preconceived notions being what they are, many other races are naturally suspicious of any dark elf met.

+2 DEX or +2 CHA.

Heritage of the Sword: If you can already use swords that deal d6 or d8 damage without attack penalties, you gain a +2 damage bonus.

Cruel: once per battle deal ongoing damage to a target you hit with a natural even attack roll as a free action. The ongoing damage is 5 times your level. A critical hit does not double this damage.

Dark Elves

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