Darkveil, or the Lost City of Gems, is a city that adventurers have been trying to find for centuries and scholars have debated even longer. Whether or not it even exists is usually the first debate among many. However, the one thing that everyone can certainly agree upon is that more people have died looking for it and more blood has been spilled keeping secrets about it than could be totaled in one lifetime.

Assuming that Darkveil even exists, there are several places that adventurers and scholars say it could be. Some have it near The Forge in the Undermarsh, but others have it on the island of Omen. However, a growing number of scholars have been debating two new locations: the base of the mighty river, The Grandfather and hidden on the mysterious island of Felicity.

Decades ago, one of the largest and most well publicized expeditions was undertaken by the bard and explorer, Sethren Kildane. Kildane had approached five of the greatest adventurers of the time and among them had found some of the most experienced map makers, footmen and sailors – in all over 100 men with the financial backing of the Sons of the Mountain King. They set sail on several ships, Kildan’s the Sea Bitch being the lead. It was thought that this massive undertaking would finally uncover Darkveil and whatever secrets and treasures were hidden. However, not one soul ever returned. The closest anyone ever came of discovered what had happened to the Kildane expedition was the largest ship of the fleet, the Sea Bitch, was seen floating adrift near the island of Creel. No souls appeared to be on board and there was no indication of what had become of them. However, when rescue teams were sent to investigate, the rescuers never returned and the Sea Bitch floated into the fog, never being seen again.

Naturally, the Sons of the Mountain King were furious over their losses and even suspected that Kildane and his close associates merely fleeced the wealthy dwarves, killed their men and made off with the investment. But families of Kildane and his associates scoff at that notion. Either way, the Sons have a bitter taste in their mouths from the experience and since most of them are still alive today, they have often said that they lay claim to a massive share of whatever is found when Darkveil is ever found.

But what do people actually expect when they find this city? According to legend, the city was from the Third Age, centuries ago, when another race existed in harmony with the Old Gods or Masked Ones. It was the pinnacle of science, technology, art and magic, all in one grand location and the streets were paved with emeralds, the buildings constructed with rubies and street lights powered by magical diamonds.

The sinister figure known as the Diabolist has taken and interest in the city, if rumored are to be believed. It is said that her forces and agents have been tasked with finding the city and that they have doubled their efforts to present its treasures to their queen. Noted scholars have been disappearing in the past three years and rare books about Darkveil have gone missing, fueling these theories. A theory has emerged that she is looking for some artifact she believes is in the city of Darkveil, a long-forgotten item called the Dark Tapestry. The significance of this item is unknown but believe it was woven by a sinister force ages ago.


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