diabolist_sketch_72dpi.jpgThe longer she lives, the more this Diabolist looks like one of her demons. The stories are that she was originally a human woman, but you’d be hard-pressed to prove it. Her true name is lost to the annuls of history but some scholars suggest she may have once been ‘Lillith’ a sorceress that reached into the darkest reaches of knowledge known only to Hella.

If the Diabolist has overarching goals, they are obscure. What’s clear is the delight she takes in wielding power and unleashing chaos. Her enemies say that she may be nothing more than a slave to the vast powers she dares to command, but as long as she’s smiling she seems to have the upper hand.

The Diabolist leads a scattered and half-mad crew of fiendish cultists. They adore her with respect that borders on worship. In turn, she alternately exalts them and brings them to ruin. With her help, they learn occult secrets, master unspeakable magic, and gloat over the destruction of their enemies. No cultist knows the extent of the cult or its ultimate goals. It is certainly more widespread than the imperial authorities admit to publicly.

The Diabolist lacks the focus and discipline that define the Crusader. She is in it for herself, and she indulges even her petty whims. If she remained on-task the way the Crusader does, things would doubtless be a lot worse. Unless indulging her whims is actually part of a subtle plot that none can guess at until it is too late.

It is said that her schemes and plans are vast, include massive conspiracies to bring her more power and influence and is constantly gathering forces in ways that employ subterfuge. Some of her greatest mortal enemies involve forces of good and light, especially the Order of the Burning Rose.

Recently her designs have been on the lost city of Darkveil for reasons that only she knows. Her agents, cultists and followers are literally killing for the slightest bit of information they can bring to her in hopes of currying favor. For those willing to enter into a pact with her on this subject, the rewards can be glorious if they can afford the price.

Many scholars whisper that the infamous Tower of Nothing is a remote base or keep that she uses when she needs to send a sign to her followers or try and move focus from one area to another in her research. Whether or not she actually resides in the tower is a different matter entirely.

It is most likely an accurate assessment that members of The Horde or Hordlings are her servants and underlings. But since these creatures rarely speak with any language that can be understood by living creatures, attempts to interrogate them have been fruitless.

The Diabolist has no true allies but an icon with whom she is comfortable working would be the Lich King as their interests are similar but not in conflict. After all, if the Dragon Empire became one large hellscape, undead could certainly still flourish.

The Diabolist, with all her power, is still viewed as being beholden to others. Hella is the most likely figure to be her patron and there are some scholars who suggest that the Diabolist is either Hella’s representative or is Hella’s avatar on earth. The raw power that the Diabolist possesses is legendary with the added benefit of any who steal from her are destined to be turned to stone.

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