Diamond of Destiny

diamond_by_lucky978-d766o4r.jpgThe Diamond of Destiny is an ancient relic that has been in the Grand Duchy of Terros since its inception and is an item that seems to have significance not only as a patriotic symbol but also as a religious one. It is on par with the regent that sits on the throne in rulership and has been a rallying point for the people on more than one occasion.

When Terros was first forged, more than 300 years ago, the people who were sent to carve out the nation were sent to the Bitterwood area, knowing it would be a difficult life they were about to face. They were beset on all sides by primitive natives, suspicious elves and natural predators that were difficult to overcome. However, all of this paled in comparison to the mysterious forces of undead that they faced, horrors from beyond the grave that threatened the nation in its earliest days.

However, as the legend goes, one brave ranger, by name of Ovelon, stumbled across a clearing while ushering some farmers to safety from an undead hoard. While in the clearing he spotted a diamond laying in the field and when he approached it, felt an inspirational warmth. As the undead shambled through the clearing, they seemed to avoid the diamond as if some holy force were keeping them at bay. Quickly determining that the item seemed to repel them somehow, he used it to push the undead forces back. Very quickly, Ovelon realized the powerful item he had in his possession and brought it to his superiors. They immediately put it to use, knowing that its holy power would protect them.

Priests divined that this item was a powerful item once belonging to the Great Gold Wyrm and sent Ovelon to seek an audience with the powerful creature, prepared to return it to him. The Wyrm told Oveleon it was meant as a gift to his people as times would be difficult enough in Bitterwood as they formed their own nation of Terros. He and his people were to keep the item, protect it and it would, in turn, protect them from the forces of the undead. Ovelon returned with this story and the people of Terros then decided to erect a tower where the precious gem would be housed. This, in turn, caused several brave warriors to dedicate their lives to the Golden Order which has always remained strong in Terros.

To this day the Diamond of Destiny sits in the tallest tower in Dragonmeet, the capital of Terros, acting as a beacon in a lighthouse, preventing the forces of the Lich King from bearing down on Terros and preventing his forces from coming this far west in the kingdom. Currently, it is not uncommon for pilgrims to come from far away to see the Diamond and marvel in its beauty and powerful, protected by a contingent of knights from the Golden Order.

The Diamond of Destiny is the most powerful artifact in Terros and House Ovelon still exists as a reminder to the power the item holds and the many sacrifices made by the early people of the nation. The descendants of House Ovelon traditionally act as the Lord Mayor of Dragonmeet.

Diamond of Destiny

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