Dirty Vixen

The Dirty Vixen is located deep within Dragonmeet in the Diamond District where things are far more quiet and subdued than the ruckus activities of the docks. Whereas locals are much more willing to head for the docks if they are looking for dangerous work or are looking for a fight, they are far more likely to head towards the Diamond District if they want a more relaxed experience. Thus, this is why The Dirty Vixen prospers: locals hoping for an evening with friends. Of course, the more expensive food and drink ensures that the riff raff stay away.

Ownership of the Dirty Vixen is a topic of debate. According to the Dragonmeet tax collector, the owner is Brit Shortcoin, a halfling gambler and rabble-rouser of dubious lineage. But there are those who say he is merely the front man for someone else who wishes to remain nameless as a silent partner. Regardless of the truth, Brit is there every evening, acting every bit the owner, making the rounds as a good host to the patrons, ensuring everyone has good time and encouraging people to eat and drink. And as far as entertainment goes, Brit looks to provide the very best.

tavern_by_ltramaral-d55g796.jpgThe Dirty Vixen promises the finest in gambling, with high stakes games with rooms on the second floor dedicated to cards and dice games for anyone with the bravado to play with the fat purses of the clientele who tend to be wealthy diplomats and merchants from out of town. Brit, himself, has a weakness for such games and can often be found laying down stacks of coins. Of course, since he has a talent for cards, it is rare he goes home poorer. And on rare occasions, Brit schedules feats of strength contests in the form of arm wrestling contests, used to settle differences between regulars who have something to prove. Anything that gets too far out of hand is settled by his security, Stessia, a woman who is as good with a sword as she is good with her charms.

Further, The Dirty Vixen lives up to its name with only hiring attractive bar maids, and the most sensual of dancers. Even the musical talent is something to see and hear as Brit personally books alluring female talent, taking a special liking for those acts that are only in town for a few nights, passing through on ships with a short stay in Dragonmeet. Brit’s most popular act, by far, is the erotic dancer, a woman who goes by the name of ‘Tara-ka’

The Dirty Vixen is the preferred location of Giannatella, the mysterious ally of the Prince of Shadows. It is here that she can be found when she is in Dragonmeet, conducting most of her business, in the back of the first floor with easy access to the street – in case of emergencies, it is assumed. Naturally, for those few in the know, it is assumed that Brit is also an ally of the Prince and that The Dirty Vixen could well be his Dragonmeet headquarters, The fact that despite rooms to rent Brit only lets them out to the most select of clients fuels those rumors.

Of course, most patrons have no idea of the alleged intrigue of The Dirty Vixen – nor would they care. It provides a useful service – women, gambling, fine food and drink – and as a result, has become quite the fixture in Dragonmeet.

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Dirty Vixen

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