Dragonmeet is one of the newest of the major cities. Located on the coast, of the eastern most point of Bitterwood, it was established by warring parties to become not much more than a city-state in hopes that it would grow into a diplomatic power to keep a balance of power with the other nations. Presently, many different representatives within the Dragon Empire come to this city to negotiate different terms, using Dragonmeet as a neutral ground.

Dragonmeet_town.jpgDragonmeet is the capital city of the Grand Duchy of Terros, which is one of the smallest of the nations in the Dragon Empire with really only one city and a variety of small villages. When referring to the Dragonmeet or Terros, the terms are often used interchangeably as they are quite accurately seen as one in the same. The current ruler of Dragonmeet, Duchess Lysandra, has been a fair ruler even though a select set of recent decisions have left some puzzled to her motivation.

Dragonmeet has turned into a symbol of power against the forces of the Lich King, whose seat of power is in nearby Necropolis. The thought being that if the Lich King were to ever begin raising an army or navy, the people of Dragonmeet would also be the first line of defense, alerting the other nations of his schemes. Numerous bands of adventurers stand by to help combat this evil, including the Half-Moon Exploring Company, the Order of the Burning Rose and the Golden Order of knights.

Dragonmeet has the dubious honor of being the home to the Diamond of Destiny. This is both a blessing and a curse. Reportedly, the Diamond has the power to repel the forces of the Lich King‘s forces from coming too far towards the coast. This fact, known to the Lich King, has been the cause of more than one thief and assassin to attempt its theft of destruction which would allow the Lich King’s forces to invade without the ability to stop him. As a result, the Diamond is kept in a tall spire, like a lighthouse, protected by a 24-hour watch, and guarded by potent magic. By merely possessing the diamond, it does invite unwanted attention from the Lich King’s forces who would love nothing more than to destroy the artifact as it would allow their forces more access to the mainland.

Dragonmeet hosts the headquarters for the Half-Moon Exploring Company and is host to The Liar’s Club. If an individual needs to hire some ‘explorers’ for some jobs, then The Liar’s Club is the best place in town to find such contacts as they are a growing company of well-trained explorers.


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