Dry House Pub

For every town or city that has popular taverns and inns that cater to adventurers, traders and sailors, they have locals who hate going there and want a place where outsiders are not welcome. The Dry House Pub has attempted to replicate that experience in Dragonmeet. Despite being located along the docks area, it is somewhat inconvenient to get to as it is out on a long pier, jutting into the Fairwind Sound. Anyone not a local tends to slink away very quickly due to the icy reception they get upon entering. If not known or with someone who is known, the service tends to be slow and cold.

But those unable to enter are missing out on a true treasure.


The owner of the Dry House, Moedlin, wants the finest things for his customers and prides himself on fine food, fine entertainment and excellent drink, despite the location on the docks. The best item his cook serves is the baked fish, which is well worth the wait. Two nights a week he hires a singer for dancing and several nights a week he has an exotic female dancer whose mysterious background seems to draw more patrons in. Overall, the location and ambiance has the dual effect of keeping out strangers as well as the upper class who fear the location. Druuna, the senior barmaid keeps the drinks coming and engages in flirtatious conversation – as long as the individual is welcome and known.

The Dry House Pub is the favorite location of many locals in Dragogmeet, including Glaedwin Longclef of the Half-Moon Exploring Company (and formally of the Brute Squad). Glaedwin’s former involvement in the Brute Squad is something that Moedlin still holds against him but his suspicion is decreasing, as long as the halfling behaves. As a result, Moedlin rents out a small space to Glaedwin right outside the third floor, under an awning where the halfling hangs a hammock.

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Dry House Pub

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