First Triumph

First_Triumph.jpgThe Crusader has added three stars to his battle pennant, one for each of the Hellholes he has conquered. Amazingly, the first hellhole he conquered was also the largest and is now the home to the Crusader’s impregnable fortress, renamed First Triumph. This fortress has become the Crusader’s base of operations near the city of Axis.

Although the first conquest cost the lives of many paladins, the Crusaders has captured two more Hellholes since. and maintains a fortress in each one, as well. He has access to some magic that allows him to reshape the Hellhole to his will using the area’s raw demonic magic for his own purposes.

The Crusader also takes command of the demons that inhabited the Hellhole. These awful creatures become loyal guards garrisoning his fortress. The presence of the Crusader’s divine power slowly leeches the life out of these creatures but they seem determined to serve their new master to the end. More than one report has indicated that each fortress is being provisioned with supplies as if in preparation for yet another war.

The Crusader lays claim to all Hellholes as his rightful domain. His paladins have made threats about preventing others from trying to destroy Hellholes and the Crusader’s paladins never make empty threats.

The Emperor has expressed concern of First Triumph being so closely located to the capital of Axis. With the Crusader’s militant nature, the Emperor is perhaps rightly concerned that the Crusader may decide to annex Axis for his growing war against the forces of the Diabolist who seems unconcerned stating that she can ‘always make more Hellholes.’

First Triumph

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