The origins of Foothold were simple enough. The Dragon Empire established the city when they were first starting their quest to tame the lands on the other side of Torin’s Glory. Starting as a garrison for troops, it quickly began to grow and the many halflings that lived on that side of the water began to flock to Foothold for protection and also to make money off the soldiers.

As the generations passed, Foothold has become less of a military town (as that honor now goes to Ironwall far to the north) but as a trading town. As the prime exporter of halfling craft goods, Foothold has developed a reputation for a city not only friendly to halflings but also friendly to numerous races and peoples otherwise being discriminated against.

It cannot be ignored that the water of Torin’s Glory is an excellent breeding ground for mollusks and clams and as a result, pearls. The excitement of watching the pearl divers of Foothold is a sight in and of itself. Many people come to the docks to watch young, nubile men and women dive into the water to collect the pearls they can later sell. There has even been a small gambling ring set up to see who will bring in the most pearls in a given day or even a given dive.

The regency in Foothold belongs to House Graystone, specifically Duke Vellian Graystone, an uncle of the current Emperor. However, in recent years House Graystone had fallen on hard times, as the family had mismanaged accounts, likely due to the Duke’s failing health. One of the last things the Duke did before losing most of his faculties was bringing on a financial expert, Minister Herne, who managed to set things in the red, but not before establishing a variety of taxes that made him somewhat unpopular with the people. Nevertheless, things in Foothold are far better than they once were.

Numerous trading companies exist with their major base of operations in Foothold. One, with a somewhat dubious origin, is the Longclef Trading Company. The company, is in and of itself, not nearly as unusual as the people running it. Rumor has it that the Longclef family was wiped out, save Glaedwin Longclef and he seemingly had no relationship with the individuals now using the name of this business.


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