Gnomes are small in stature but have an incredible knack for magic, tinkering and mechanical devices. Gnomes can live just about anywhere but are often found in human and halfling settlements as the personalities of these races closely mirror their own. The gnomish people do have their own settlements but these tend to be scattered and small.

Gnomes take great delight in helping others but their mischievous side often takes over and they display their other affinity – playing pranks on others and playing games.

+2 DEX or +2 INT

Confounding: Once per battle when you roll a natural 16+ with an attack, you can also daze the target until the end of your next turn.

Minor Illusions: As a standard action, at-will, you can create a strong smell or sound nearby. Nearby creatures that fail a normal save notice the smell or sound. Creatures that make the save may notice it but recognize it for what it is.


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