Guild of Hammers

Guild_of_Hammers.jpgThe Guild of Hammers is the most prestigious dwarven collection of heroes and adventurers that the 13th Age has seen. Typically, this organization is a special dwarven class of hero, exclusionary to outsiders but over the years they have made exceptions to their membership.

Located at Forge the main guild offices recruit and train their dwarven kin to fight their enemies, understand their culture and educate them in the ways of dwarven lore (and make every new recruit read and recite from The Book of Grudges). To understand dwarven struggles is key to becoming a member of the Guild of Hammers.

The Guild has a long standing political feud with the Sons of the Mountain King who the Guild feels is ruining the good name of their people with their money-lending, greed and promoting of negative stereotypes. According to the Guild, a dwarf should be selfless, help their racial allies and friends and thwart injustice. The Guild maintains that the Sons promote greed, bad blood and oppression through gold.

The Guild will take on projects they see as promoting dwarven culture or heroics, such as freeing strongholds from dark elf incursions. However, they also take up arms against any oppressors or beasts that threaten their friends in the human communities and those elves with whom they have made peace. Word is only now reaching them of the Elrog attacks in the southeast and the rise of his Burning Men. The Guild of Hammers is organizing forces to put a stop to it if it makes much further movement towards Horizon or Axis.

The most respected warrior of the Guild is Golgarm Mountainpride and the current Guildmaster in Willian Runewar. It is said that Willian, himself, as sent a personalized invitation to the Half-Moon Exploring Company that they would like an audience with some of their new recruits to discuss a matter of importance.


Guild of Hammers

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