Half Elves


Half-Elves are the result when a human and an elf mates. The elf parent could be of any of the other elf families – Shadow, High, Wood, Dark, etc. Half-Elves tend to be more comfortable with human society which is normally more accepting and tolerant of the mixed heritage, as opposed to elves which tend to be more exclusionary.

In the world of the Dragon Empire, half-elves can take many forms. There is no promise that they will look elven or if they will will look anything BUT elven.

It is also possible that a ‘half-elf’ could be an individual who has an elven grandparent. Essentially, if someone is a ‘half-elf’ this is a broad concept for anyone with strong elven blood.

Fortunately, half-elves typically assume the best traits of both humans and elves.

+2 CON or +2 CHA

Surprising: Once per battle subtract 1 from the natural result of one of your own d20 rolls.

Half Elves

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