Half-Moon Exploring Company

morgainemcbeathiancoa.gifThe Half-Moon Exploring Company comes from rather humble beginnings but is a growing company of explorers, adventures and traders (and some would say cutthroats, bandits and charlatans). What began as a small adventuring company, operating over 75 years ago, founded by a group of long-forgotten adventurers, had the rights purchased eight years ago by Lucien Autumntude after Lucien was able to lobby the regent to allow the nobility to have financial interests in companies and guilds.

Lucien immediately invested a fortune into the concern, placing one of his loyal retainers, Linohvale, as the captain of the company, overseeing day-to-day operations and hiring staff, scoping out projects and acquiring ‘adventuring rights’ to unexplored dungeons, wrecks that were thought unobtainable and lands unknown to the kingdom.

tavern-celebration.jpgHalf-Moon has a reputation of paying fair wages, treating its adventurers well, and providing them with the tools needed to do their jobs. However, outside of Dragonmeet some stories tell of darker activities on the part of Half-Moon company members and the further one gets from civilization, the stories can be downright scandalous in what certain company members have done in the name of their employer.

Membership in Half-Moon certainly comes with benefits. The ability to call upon a network of allies and aid is invaluable – if one can contact them. It is estimated that there are about 75 members of the company (called ‘Half-Moon Cadets.’ ‘Half-Moon Brethren’ or ‘Half-Moon Masters’ depending on their rank). Either way, members of the Half-Moon are all seen as family. Beyond the roughly 75 members, there are countless individuals throughout the land who respect (or fear) the Half-Moon reputation. Further, membership is a steady stream of work as there always seems to be some job that needs done or an area that needs explored. For purposes of organization, the various members that tend to stick together and work with one another are organized into Parties and often give themselves fanciful names like ‘Sons of the Bastard,’ ‘Mischief Makers’ and ‘The Wyverm Watch.’

Most impressive is the tavern that Half-Moon owns and operates. The Liar’s Club is a well known establishment with drinks, food and entertainment where Half-Moon members receive special treatment, discounts on food and beverages and can be used as somewhere to relax between assignments. Rooms exist upstairs to be rented for an evening or for members, as extended stay if in Dragonmeet for an indeterminate length of time. In recent years, detractors of the Half-Moon have began giving them the insulting nickname of ‘Liars’ for one of several reasons. This is a term that Linohvale has come to despise.

planning.jpegIt is said that Linohvale has had a growing interest in opening up a chapter house in Shadow Port in order to recruit a less savory type of individual to the Half-Moons but this rumor is unsubstantiated. If true, however, the regent of Terros would likely be most displeased.

Half-Moon Exploring Company

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