Half Orcs


The name half-orc is misleading. There are cases of humans and orcs mating but most often the result is barren or lethal. The most common explanation is that they are a supernatural response to the existence of orcs. It is possible that the High Druid created them as a way to strengthen humans in the wild lands.

While typically disliked for their association with orcs, it is quite possible that a half-orc could overcome the prejudices that exist but it is unfortunate that the more likely scenario is that they tend towards anger and resentment for the way they would normally get treated.

However, much like half-elves, it is possible that the half-orcs would take heavily after their human origin or from their orc origin. Every half-orc is different.

+2 STR or +2 DEX

Lethal: Once per battle reroll a melee attack and use the roll you prefer as the result.

Half Orcs

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