Harlequin and Tankard Inn

The Harlequin and Tankard Inn (or just ‘The Harlequin’) is one of several inns and taverns along the long coastal road between the Foothold and Witchburn towns the west and mighty Magnimar of the east. Catering to the needs of merchants and travelers, this small collection of inns and taverns (and occasion shop stalls) provides a night’s rest and a meal to weary travelers. At times the Harlequin (and its neighbors The Knave and the Dragon’s Horde) are filled to capacity, charging premium rates whereas other nights they are bare, willing to kill each other for the few travelers that wander by.

Currently, the master of ceremonies at the Harlequin is Renagello, a bard, singer, storyteller and on some occasions, an escort when he finds the right person to his tastes.

Normally, there is little trouble in and around The Harlequin and the surrounding inns, but recently, an attack by an undead army, led by Rosaro the Foresaken, took the lives of many who were present. If not for the forces of some travelers by the name of Suriveth Varune, Ellyna Dirkane, Kouro Marmari as well as Fiona and Lady Henrietta Throckmotten, the place would have been overrun. However, since it was later determined that the target was Lady Henrietta, it may the the adventurers who were to blame.

The innkeeper at the Harlequin, Smoltz, is a simple man to the casual observer. But to those in the know, he is a trusted agent of the Prince of Shadows, assisting those in service to the Prince. His hidden cache of goods in his basement is available for sale, trade or barter (or in severe cases to be given away to those truly in need).

Harlequin and Tankard Inn

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