High Druid


The High Druid conducts sacred rituals from the age before the gods or the worlds. With these rituals, she calls up the mighty powers of nature. Druids everywhere, in turn, gain this power through allegiance to her.

It has been a long time since there was a High Druid who lived anywhere near the Empire. So far as anyone knows, the Druids have been strongest far to the North. But this new High Druid, a young half-elf woman, was born in the Empire and has turned the Wild Wood into her place of power. Her influence is being felt in all the other wild spaces, with effects ranging from increased growth of impassable forest to vastly increased amounts of game
in the forests, schools of fish in the Midland Sea, and flocks of birds migrating across the land. Even Imperial officers admit that the High Druid’s influence seems to make the Empire’s lands in the region around Wild Wood healthier. Of course, they are also rightly concerned that it’s a region that would not mind shaking off the Empire’s cities, farms, and crowns.

The High Druid is a powerful ally among those who wish a return to the simpler life, those who protect and promote nature and is often associated with those who are associated with the Old Gods. There are legends of her appearing among some of the more rural communities once a year during their harvest celebrations and provide them with gifts on this sacred evening.

At the moment, the High Druid has deep concerns. The rise of Elorg and his Burning Men are cutting swaths through the Wild Wood, destroying the villages and towns that are near and slaughtering the good people who get in his way. Torching everything they cannot rape or steal, they are diverting most of her attention away from the duties that she needs to perform.

Her feud with the Archmage has been put on hold for the time being as she turns her attention to Elorg and it is whispered that she may have had to turn to the Dwarf King and the Emperor for aid in this growing time of need.

She has a fairly positive relationship with the Priestess as the two have similar – but not identical – goals. Of course, the fact that the Priestess’ seat of power, Santa Cora is the next likely target of Elorg also makes them allies.

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High Druid

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