House Bowerholdt

House_Bowerholdt.jpgHouse Bowerholdt may be one of the largest, most powerful families in the Dragon Empire with their vast wealth and influence spreading from coast to coast. The only thing that has kept them in check over the years is, honestly, House Bowerholdt. For their numerous schemes and treachery against one another involving plot and poison has kept them busy with family politcs. However, this has recently come to an end, seemingly, with the rise of their new patriarch, Lord Cortland Bowerholdt. After coming to power, he summed all the influential members of the family to Castle Bowerholdt in New Port. Not all family members left Castle Bowerholdt when the meeting was over. Since then, the family has been acting as one cohesive unit.

Whereas New Port does have an Imperial Governor appointed by the Emperor, this figure is a puppet of House Bowerholdt and answers to them. Since New Port is so far removed from the capital, they have the ability to pull off such an audacious scheme. In addition to the royal army and navy to which they have access, they have raised various small mercenary armies through the Dragon Empire that answers directly to them.

Whereas many may be concerned about this, they have been sending these armies toward the Wild Wood in order to counter the rising threat posed by Elrog and his Burning Men. They have promised the Emperor that they will handle this issue if need be. Of course, the Emperor has no choice but to comply as they have lent massive amounts of money to the crown over the past few decades and this puts him at a political disadvantage. Of course, the bulk of this money has come from their stranglehold over the ports, trade and taxes in New Port, making them feared by many in New Port.

Their connections with the Black Lodge were long theorized but they have been all but confirmed in the past two years when Duchess Lysandra lifted the ban on the secretive organization in Terros. It was House Bowerholdt that sent one of their own, Florian Bowerholdt, to speak for the Black Lodge in Dragonmeet. Officially, the family denies any involvement, saying that their dear Uncle Florian has his own interests, goals and relationships, independent of their own. Naturally, there are few who actually believe this, leading those same people to wonder if House Bowerholdt has equal relationships with the Aspis Consortium.

One of the most vocal opponents of House Bowerholdt is House Valdemar in Magnimar. It seems that the schemes of House Valdemar are at constant odds with whatever House Bowerholdt has planned. This has not led to open warfare between the two noble families but that is not to say that it will some day not.

Regardless of the truth, whether openly or behind closed doors, House Bowerholdt is not to be crossed as they have spies, loyalists and agents everywhere.

House Bowerholdt

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