House Graystone

House_Graystone.pngHouse Graystone has been the controlling family in the Dragon Empire that had traditionally controlled the lands north of Torin’s Glory, encompassing the lands around Foothold and Witchburn and the hunting grounds throughout the area.

The seat of power for House Graystone is Foothold, a port city which relies a great deal on trade. Currently, the patriarch of House Graystone is Duke Vellian Graystone. Whereas he is the ultimate authority in Foothold, it is truly his finance minister, Minister Herne. House Graystone fell on hard times when their mismanagement of finances jeopardized the entire family as well as their lands. As a result, the Emperor insisted that the family do something to change their downward trajectory. Thus, Minister Herne came to power, having the authority to enact whatever emergency measures he saw fit. His mastery of coin is unmatched but this has resulted in some severe financial penalties for various infractions. It is difficult to argue with his end result as he has put the family back in the black.

Baron Puno Graystone is Vellian’s nephew and oversees the territory of Withcburn. Puno is far removed from the graces of courtly behavior, having much more in common with his subjects as he travels through the woods, putting his numerous outdoorsman skills to use. Whereas Puno has not followed through with many of Minister Herne’s directives, he has enacted his own fund raising measures, including the Baron’s Faire which is an annual party in Withcburn that brings together numerous hunters with nobles and wealthy merchants as they bid on exotic animals and dangerous creatures brought to this specific location. Naturally, Baron Puno takes a cut of the sales which has added to the land’s coffers.

Most of the money that comes into House Graystone’s coffers comes from granting timber rights and hunting rights to local workmen and rangers. Further, they take a handsome cut from the trade that comes through their ports of Foothold and Witchburn so they are naturally interested in doing anything that increases visitors and merchants to their cities.

House Graystone

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