House Throckmotten

House_Throckmotten.jpgHouse Throckmotten was one of the finest houses in all of Magnimar, and was one of the founding families of the city, one hundred and fifty years ago. Through generations, the family helped usher in sweeping reforms and brought good to the people of Magnimar. However, recently, their fortunes have changed for the worse.

The current patriarch of the family, Eldred Thockmotten is a kind man but is in over his head with the politics of Magnimar’s nobility as his older brother, Minster, had more of a head for such things. But Minister was brash and foolhardy, gambling away the family fortunes and drinking himself into oblivion, nightly.

Minster Thockmotten had just about run the fortunes into the ground when he ran afoul of Lord Vadiv Sunspire of House Sunspire. Lord Vadiv was not one to suffer fools and already had looked down on the antics of Minster Thockmotten. During a drunken rant, Minster insulted one of the daughters of Lord Vadiv which resulted in the two men agreeing to a duel. As fate would have it, two nobles died that day with both men, landing lethal blows. Shortly thereafter, Minster’s wife, Alhenna, committed suicide over the shame and disgrace.

But stories surfaced later that it was not just Minster Thockmotten’s foppery that led to the decline of House Throckmotten but instead the devious machinations of Lucien Autumntide in Dragonmeet. Rumors persist to this day that a whispering campaign of lies and deceit were enacted by members of the Black Lodge who later resurfaced in the court of Terros and they were linked to House Autumntide. Whether the rumors are true or not, House Autumntide did recently purchase a sizable amount of lands from House Thockmotten in Magnimar, perhaps fueling some of these stories.

This left Eldred, Minster’s brother as the family’s leader. Eldred, while a good man, is neither smart enough, nor driven enough to bring the family back to good graces. He has had an extension of power due to the generous purchase if property from House Autumntide. Eldred’s son, Marvone, is said to be far more intelligent and capable than his father and some day Marvone may be able to turn the family around. Eldred seems more interested in caring for his daughter, Pilla and Minster’s daughter, Layla. Minster’s son, Alcide, ended up being equally as disappointing as his father, turning to the life of a wastrel and rogue, rumored to be involved with pirates and ne’erdowells.

Layla, against Eldred’s better judgment, decided she would go to Dragonmeet and work with Master Kodus, the chef at the court of Duchess Lysandra. It is certainly a sign that House Throckmotten is in decline but the family has saved face by positioning it as a ‘hobby’ for the girl as she finds a suitable husband.

Naturally, there are other relatives throughout the Dragon Empire, members of House Throckmotten. But due to the family’s declining fortunes, such relatives can no longer stay attached with the house and have had to make their own names. So, like Layla, they have had to move on, forging their own paths. One such individual is Lady Henrietta Throckmotten, a distant niece of Edlred Throckmotten. Lady Henrietta is a close associate of Princess Argenta of Haven and by all accounts has done quite well with her station.

House Throckmotten

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