List of Common Phrases

By the fist of the Lich!” (An exclamation of shock or surprise.)

As exciting as an Old Town Thursday.” (A comparison to something dull and unexciting.)

As mad as Jedna.” (Reference to a possibly crazy female dwarf who captained a small barrel through the rapids of ’Jedna’s Folly.’)

By the Priestess’ shining tits!” (A possibly meant to be flattering exclamation generally not used around Santa Cora)

Less likely than a halfling paladin” (not very likely indeed…)

As helpful as an orcish diplomat.” (Utterly unhelpful)

May he walk in constant darkness.” (A phrase used when greeting fellow agents of the Prince of Shadows.)

Tooth be told . . .” (An unusual halfling phrase that seems to be a disambiguation of "Truth be told . . . " Nobody knows why it is said and where the reference to a ‘tooth’ comes from.)

List of Common Phrases

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