Longclef Trading Company

There seems to be some debate over the Longclef Trading Company, as well as the present ownership, but for most of the history of this fine trading organization, the origins are fairly clear.

Established over 100 years ago by Bellvim ‘Belcher’ Longclef, a master halfling trader, from around the Goldawn area, Belvim and his three brothers began acting as caravan masters, simply purchasing goods from one area and traveling as far as they could to sell them in the far reaches of the Dragon Empire. Bellvim made good coin in his time and his kindness and generosity as well as his reputation for fair dealing made him famous far and wide. The name ‘Longclef’ was synonymous with fair trading and honesty. The fact that this was strictly a family business was more than enough to assure other merchants that they were dealing with people who took their business as seriously as their family name.

As the generations came, however, things became far more competitive and the traditional methods used by Bellvim could no longer be sustained without losing to more ruthless competitors. By the time Bellvim’s grandson, Napham had taken over the family business, now based out of the town of Swiftblade, in Sword Point, the family had taken on a more ruthless approach with prices, driving hard bargains and resorting to smuggling illegal and illicit goods when needed. One of Napham’s sons, Glaedwin Longclef oversaw much of the more unspoken goods that the family dealt in.

Seemingly, the Longclef Trading Company met its demise when traveling along the North Coast, all victims of what was likely the wrong place at the wrong time, involving agents of the Lich King. All but Glaedwin were lost in this tragic calamity.

However, the story of the Longclef Trading Company does not seem to end there. A halfling by the name of Pocwick Longclef seems to have opened a location bearing the name and likeness of the Longclef Trading Company in Foothold much to the shock and horror of Glaedwin when he discovered their activities in a recent visit.

The relationship between Podwick and Glaedwin got off to a rocky start with Glaedwin doubting whether or not this Podwick was even a true Longclef.

Longclef Trading Company

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