Mournscape is the capital of the Shadow Elf empire. The term ‘capital’ may be somewhat misleading as that often conjures up images of a massive city with towering spires and grand palaces. The truth is that Mournscape is slightly larger than a village with a population of close to 5,000.

Mournscape is kept hidden by magic, meaning that without the proper Shadow Elf guide, the town will never be discovered. This results in visitors finding and trusting some Shadow Elf guide to get them to the proper location.

The magic that protects Mournscape is the embodiment of the Queen of the Shadow Elves, Queen Silivrenniel, from her throne in the Candle Keep, her seat of power. The power was within the regent before her and is assumed to exist in the regent that will follow her.

Mournscape is a town of artisans and crafts people with only a small detachment of martial troops with the theory being that if the area is hard to find, the need for troops is minimal. Besides, Queen Silivrenniel’s army is widespread across the Dragon Empire and can raise forces within a short notice, making an alliance with her a very valuable force, indeed.

It is said that Queen Silivrenniel would love nothing more than to replace the Elf Queen as one of the Dragon Empire’s Icons and enter the realm of immortality but to more against the Elf Queen would lead to massive civil wars among the elven people.


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