New Gods

Primus the Allfather
Ohn the One of Balance
Hella the Seductress

The New Gods is a term most do not use as they are more likely to speak of just the specific god for whom they refer. The current pantheon in the Dragon Empire is a fairly simple affair overseen and taught by the Priestess.

Most humans in the cities and anyone who considers themselves ‘sophisticated,’ believes in the existence of and worships Primus, the Allfather of the world. The Church of Primus and the various officials that make up the church are dedicated to teaching, healing, praying and guiding their fellow man through the teaching of Primus.

At the opposite end of Primus is Hella who is the embodiment of evil and who constantly uses her fell powers of temptation to lead Primus’ followers astray.

In the middle, there is the balance between the two, Ohn who makes the world work. He is neither good nor evil but understands that all things must be as they are such as nature, science, magic and things without inherent good or evil or even morality.

The relationship between the three is complex. The 13th Age is a time of peace with some predicting an age of doom on the horizon with the rise of the Lich King so Primus is well revered and respected among most. Despite Ohn’s neutral status, most believe he works with Primus most of the time against the evil wishes of Hella. But this is a misinterpretation, careful explained by the educated priests and priestesses of the Church of Primus.

The Church of Primus builds small temples and massive cathedrals depending on the population, adding to them schools and healing clinics while often building small rooms dedicated to the mystery of Ohn.

Hella, by contrast, does not have temples or churches. At most she has shrines dedicated to her honor by the mad and vile of the Dragon Empire. Most would say that the shrines to Hella are in the hearts of men when they perform bad acts and that all are capable of worshiping Hella when they do deeds that are against Primus’ wishes. It is only the truly depraved who worship Hella and make despicable sacrifices to her but there are truly no defined tenants of her faith or rules of understanding. Those who worship Hella do so on their own and make up their own rules, or in a strange twist of fate, use the teachings the Church of Primus has created and simply adapt that for their own uses.

New Gods

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