New Port

New Port, City of Opportunity

New Port is the newest of the Seven Cities, which means that it is three hundred years old. Most historians claim that it was created by refugees when Drakkenhall was overrun by the monsters. New Port is run by an Imperial governor, but not with a firm hand. The imperial governor seems more concerned with dealing with the numerous trouble makers from the Razor Coast, Port Plunder and Port Shaw than anything else. He feels that pirates and their ilk are a true scourge on his shipping lanes. Effectively, House Bowerholdt is the controlling authority in New Port with the governor as their puppet.

So far, no single power has established itself in the city. There are opportunities for adventurers to be involved in most any type of plot or power struggle. As a city still in flux and trying to find itself, it is a city of adventure that many could exploit. House Bowerholdt is certainly a power figure but they seem to have less interest in the city than they do other, larger concerns in the Dragon Empire as a whole.

The citizens of New Port are not as concerned with Elorg’s horde of Burning Men coming their way – yet. The horde seems more interested in moving their way towards Santa Cora for the time being.

New Port

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