Prince of Shadows

Not everyone believes there is a Prince of Shadows. This works out extremely well for the Prince. He doesn’t care about getting credit for his exploits. Consequently, there are places where he’s blamed for every major theft, and other places where he’s viewed as an invention of the Thieves’ Guilds to cover their tracks.

But the truth is that the Prince manages to get around quite well, operating out of what assumed is his base in Shadow Port and training young rogues that he feels has promise in the ways of thievery, trickery and deceit. Prince_of_Shadows.png

Apparently, the Prince of Shadows has more motivations than anyone could possibly understand. He has had more appearances in Dragonmeet than he has in recent years and his agents seem to have set up a network in and around the city, taking items they feel are necessary. Also, he has been seen at the court of the shadow-elf queen, Silivrenniel, in Mournscape and may be courting the queen as they spend late nights with one another. Despite Silivrenniel’s anger at being spurned by the adventurer, Alcide Throckmotten, he has involved himself when Alcide got himself into trouble with the master of the thieves guild in Shadow Port, Kallish.

Further, the Prince of Shadows has inserted himself in the life of a shadow elf bard named Suriveth Varune and seems to have taken an interest in her career, gifting her with the violin she now uses. What the Prince has in store for these individuals is known only to him and whatever confederates he has entrusted his secrets.

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Prince of Shadows

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