Razor Coast

The Razor Coast region refers to the area in and around the island of Omen. This has long been a haven of pirates and bandits who have plagued the Dragon Empire with their plunder and lawlessness. Razor_Coast.jpg

The empire has tried to send various naval forces to the Razor Coast in an effort to bring it under heel but this has resulted in more naval disasters than the Dragon Empire would care to admit as his various imperial governors have been either incompetent or corrupt.

Port Shaw is widely seen as the more loyal city in the Razor Coast as it has an official imperial governor even though the lawlessness and crime there is no better than Port Plunder, the pirate outpost. Either way, most merchant ships are advised to stay clear of either cities as neither can be trusted.

The current Emperor has decided to take a different approach, letting it be known through back channels that they behavior of pirates and raiders will be tolerated in some degree in return for their continued raids against the Lich King as well as their continued hostility against Elrog and his deranged Burning Men. However, rumors continue to persist that certain depraved individuals have peaceful dealings with Elorg which have made the Emperor reconsider his stance on the Razor Coast.

Razor Coast

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