Santa Cora

Santa Cora, City of Temples

Santa Cora has always been the spiritual center of the Empire. Now that the Priestess has built her Great Cathedral there, dedicated to Primus it could be the spiritual center of the world. A few of the Old Gods are represented in the Great Cathedral as a sign of respect and history but the Old Gods also have temples outside its gates.

As proof of the Primus’ approval of Santa Cora, the city has the best fishing on the Midland Sea. The town spreads out along the shore, bay after bay of fishing boats each blazoned with the symbols of the god or gods who bless the boat.

There is a growing concern that the hordes of Elorg and his Burning Men are making their way towards Santa Cora, intent on sacking the city and putting everything decent to the torch. Prayer, medication and pleas to Primus have been increasing. Yet, at the same time, as an added it of insurance, so have armed troops from New Port courtesy of House Bowerholdt . . . just in case the prayers are not loud enough for Primus to hear.

Santa Cora

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