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The origins of the satyrn are possibly sinister in nature. Some say the entire race is touched by demons. Others say that they have their origins with woodland spirits like stayrs, as their name may suggest. Their appearance comes in varies skin tons, size of protrusions on their heads and some are even born with cloven feet.

Satyrn are generally friendly, as are humans, and have a knack for a variety of skills and talents, excelling as warriors, rouges and even magic.

The one constant with all satyrn is their predisposition to be attracted to their Old Gods. The Old Gods are generally seen as the gods of chaos and while not necessarily evil, the old gods are fickle and represent strange powers. The fact that the old gods are the embodiment of chaos, this is often misinterpreted as evil.

The Satyrn believe that their origins stretch back to the Beginning, when their gods, known as The Masked Ones or the Old Gods, formed them from the satyrs of the forest. They also believe that the Masked Ones created another race at the same time: the Khashyn, from the sea serpents, and the Wyverni, from wyverns. These races, so the legends say, were to oversee the earth, seas and the air. However, there is no evidence of the other races left in the world.

Satyrns live, for the most part, in the forests from which they sprung, in small communities centered around cave complexes, pools and groves. Their settlements are not primitive, though, consisting not only of homes but also buildings dedicated to trades, the arts and study. Most of these settlements are off the beaten path, but are not hidden and visitors are welcome. There is no overarching Satyrn governance; each village takes care of its own business. The Satyrn are content to acknowledge the authority of the Dragon Empire but they pay as little attention to the Emperor as they can manage.

The Satryn are known for their uninhibited, chaotic natures, which they attribute to the power of the Masked Ones. Yet this wild part of their makeup does not mean that they lack discipline or seriousness. The Satryn pride themselves for their long tradition of study and lore. Each Satryn is said to have a genius spirit known as [[Kai’ish]]. This spirit draws each Satryn to the love of a particular field of study or areas of knowledge. True, many of them think that the call of their Kai’ish is to Pleasure or Profit, but not all.

One facet of Satyrn life that all Satyrn most confront at least once is the Gar’esh or as translated, The Call of the Wild Hunt. The Gar’esh is when their long dormant wild nature takes over their mind and spirit. To most onlookers this seems little more than feral madness. The satyrn strips off his clothes, goes into an animalistic rage and begins to hunt, copulate and feast in the forest. This can last one night or it can last a week or, in some cases, it can last a lifetime. Many satyrn can feel when this is upon them and will go to the forest a few days before so they can prepare. In rare cases it springs upon them as a surprise.

The vast majority of satyrn look forward to it as a deep philosophical or religious experience as they know it will last a day or two at most. However, some, who are more acclimated to to the civilized life of humans in cities live in fear and depression over it happening, even for a brief time. Then there is the other set of satyrn who look forward to it in the hopes that it will stay with them forever, allowing them to a fierce and barbaric warrior until the end of their days.

No matter how one sees the Gar’esh, they all are touched differently and all see and hear something different, making it the most personal experience in their lifetimes. It is whether or not they see it as a curse or enlightenment is also different for each.

Over the past couple of generations, many Satyrn have come to live in Imperial cities permanently. This has caused a rift of sorts among the Satryn, for the ones living among humans began to adopt many non-Satryn attitudes and habits. Nonetheless, the different viewpoints among the Satryn has not divided them as a people. They simply have come to accept it in their usual “live and let live” manner.

+2 STR or +2 INT

Curse of Chaos: Once per battle as a free action, when a nearby enemy rolls a natural 1-5 on an attack or a save, turn their roll into a natural 1 and improvise a further curse how the individual befalls even further tragedy.


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