Satyrn Market

The Satyrn Market is the main bazaar in Dragonmeet selling a wide variety of items that the citizens of Dragonmeet need and think they need. It is as large as a city block and whereas there are some storefronts, the vast majority are tents, stalls and carts that are laden down with farmers’ produce, home spun clothing as well as the various weapons, spices and iron and glass items that have been made. However, very few of the items in the Satyrn Market are permanent, save the blacksmith, the fish monger and the curio shop.

The name ‘Satyrn Market’ comes from the origins of the market where the Satyrn traders would come to peddle their items from outside the city once a week. As the money and influence continued to grow in Dragonmeet, so did the spectacle of the market. Whereas there are not nearly as many satyrn merchants as there used to be, several can still be found, as their goods are considered top quality in Dragonmeet.

The darker side of Satyrn Market is Bayne Alley were more illegal and unusual items can be found, especially after hours.

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Satyrn Market

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