Among the many varied clans of the people of the Wild Wood they all had a singular purpose. Whether it was crafting fine weapons, preaching the message of the High Druid or creating new farming techniques that would feed thousands, the people of the Wild Wood were masters at their trade. However, one such village was one that specialized in the training of wild horses for domestication.

The village that raised and trained horses found among them one who only came along once in a thousand years, a true master of the wild. This particular one was Ellyna Dirkane.. Her talent with handling these majestic beasts was rivaled only be her ability to race them. She managed to win every race that the villages and clans ever had, hailed as a true master of horses.

It was her special relationship with Severest that amazed all who knew them. Severest was raised into a powerful stallion which nobody thought could be trained. However, Ellyna was able to do what only she could and train the animal to be the most powerful warhorse the Wild Wood had ever seen.

Stories of the animal spread far and wide and Ellyna’s skill with these animals was also well known. But when the villages were attacked by forces they had never experienced, families were scattered and few people had any time legends.

Many of the simple folk of the Wild Wood were struck down, but Ellyna and her band of defenders mounted their steeds and defended what they could with every able bodied soul fighting back, trying to repel the invaders. Ellyna was thrown from Severest and when she awoke, she was surrounded by bodies, everyone in her village killed. Severest was nowhere to be seen and the invaders clearly thought she was dead and left her behind.

This is where the story of Severest seemingly ends as he was never seen again. But this is where Ellyna’s story begins . . .


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