Shadow Elves


The shadow elves are the grey area between wood elves and dark elves. If the dark elves are forces of evil, as is seen by some, and if wood elves are seen as wardens of nature and generally good aligned, the shadow elves would be somewhere in the middle.

They are dark in appearance but closer to ‘dusky’ or grey as opposed to the dark, ebony skin of the dark elves.

Unlike the dark elves which gravitate towards the underworld, shadow elves do prefer the surface. And unlike wood elves that prefer communities in the woods and high elves which prefer cities of grand design, the shadow elves tend to live in smaller, tight-knit settlements. The seat of power, where the queen of the shadow elves, Queen Silivrenniel resides, is Mournscape. When alliances need to be made with the shadow elf empire, a pilgrimage to Mournscape is always a nerve-wracking experience.

The shadow elves make excellent rogues, spies, rangers and other professions that require finesse and careful planning.

+2 DEX or +2 INT

All Hail the Queen: Shadow elves are very close with their queen and it is said that she, or whichever regent sits upon the throne, has a spiritual connection with her subjects. This extra connection translates into 1 extra background point at the start of play.

Shadow Elves

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