Shadow Port Thieves Guild

The Shadow Port Thieves Guild is one of the better trained, better disciplined group of organized rogues in the Dragon Empire. Located, obviously, in Shadow Port, this group is very selective in their members and retains a strict code. Certainly there are groups that are more effective but none have quite the same set of guarded rules of loyalty and honesty amongst one another.

The current guildmaster is Kallish, a driven man with dedication to his profession, looking after the members of the guild as if they were family. Living among the guild is his daughter, Sybine, who came to live with him from Horizon. With her in the picture, he did have to change his focus and place her as his new priority, but he has managed, putting some of the decision making in the hands of his trusted lieutenants, such as Wes Alfus.

When Alcide Throckmotten began a relationship with Sybine, Kallish was hesitant at first but came to accept it. However, when things between the two went badly, Kallish was furious and it was the Prince of Shadows that had to intervene in order to prevent Alice from being killed.

Presently, the Shadow Port Thieves Guild is in an ongoing war with the thugs calling themselves The Hanged Men out of Dragonmeet as The Hanged Men have been coming to Shadow Port, trying to establish a presence. For numerous reasons, Kallish and his guild want them gone and things are escalating to violence.

Shadow Port Thieves Guild

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