Slippery Squid

In every city that has a port, there is bound to be sailors that come in for a short amount of time to pay their respects to the gods for letting them return safely. However, most sailors have more of an interest in having a few drinks, getting rowdy and meeting up with women who will make them forget the harsh mistress of the sea.


The Slippery Squid is a location that provides just such an experience.

When directing trouble-making malcontents to places that do not enrage or bother the decent, law-abiding citizens of the town, its important to ensure that such places are very close to the docks so those scurvy dogs off the boat won’t have to go very far. The Squid is the closest dock tavern in the area.

During the day, dock workers frequent the establishment and sailors sleep in some of the rooms above, usually with company they just met a few hours before. During the evenings, things get far more rowdy with bawdy songs playing until the wee hours, fights breaking out and all manner of debauchery taking place.

Ellamara.jpgThe owner of the Squid, Jorune, will put up with a lot in his tavern but will usually personally toss out the customers who can no longer pay or who simply irritate him. However, the moment blades are drawn, he can usually call upon a few of his more loyal patrons to help put a stop to any real violence. His most trusted barmaid, Bronwyn will help keep tempers under control. Ellamara, the dancer he has booked every other night is both a blessing and a curse as she certainly brings in the clients but due to her sensual rhythm, things quite often escalate out of hand.

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Slippery Squid

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