The Grand Duchy of Terros (often refered to as simply, ‘Terros’) is the newest of the countries. While not technically part of the Dragon Empire it does have a close alliance with it.

The capital of Terros and the only real city in Terros is Dragonmeet home of Duchess Lysandra. Her domain consists of roughly half of Bitterwood and has the control of several small villages and settlements within including Mercy, Hedwin’s Farm, Redvale, Southill and Swynholt. Only Dragonmeet has any significant population at about 15,000 people (with 2,500 visitors on a temporary basis) while the rest of these villages and settlements have few more than 200 each, which would be a liberal estimate for some.

Dragonmeet acts as a center for trade and shipping which is important but the function for which it was established – a function it still has to this day – is a diplomatic center where representatives can come and engage in diplomatic negotiations with one another as neutral ground. Whether it is the Dragon Empire negotiating with the dwarves of Underholm or the shadow elves of Mournscape needing someone to address their grievances with the races of Drakkenhall, Dragonmeet acts a s buffer to ensure that peaceful alternatives are always on the table for consideration.

Many of the races that live in Bitterwood, such as the shadow elves and Satyrn, passively recognize the Duchess as a protector but not their leader, making things somewhat tense from time to time. The Satyrn, as much more passive individuals pay taxes to the Duchess and receive her protection whereas the shadow elves have made it crystal clear that they do not recognize taxation, nor do they need her help. This matter has yet to be tested by the Duchess.


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